Steve Blackwood is so proud of all of his students. Take a look at the talent of Masterclass 1 and Masterclass 2 below.


Masterclass 1
Masterclass 1
Masterclass 2A


Masterclass 2B


Yasmin Sabrah
It’s Just Coffee, lead.
Chappaquiddick, feature.

Elle Doucette

I just booked and filmed a commercial for Wayfair UK ūüá¨ūüáß

Michael A. Coppola

bookings August – October
– commercial for University of Southern Maine
– voice over for University of Southern Maine
– web and retail video for Liquid Plumbr
– internal video for Financial Force
– internal video for Liberty Mutual
– photo shoot for Men’s Health
theater August – October
– Spitfire Grill
– Frost/Nixon
– invited to audition for “The Odd Couple” – Delray Playhouse (12/16)
auditions August – October
– 18 assorted for commercials, films, industrials, photo shoots
Keep auditioning Р(its a numbers game)  But when you get the part you better be able to deliver.
 Brian Sandy
I had a most memorable booking for the commercial about “Thumbtack” in which I portrayed the “Bad DJ” as a featured extra.
I have been recently doing auditions for new commercials,¬†and my comment about Steve’s classes is that over the two years of being involved in his instruction, much of the stage presence and presentation I learned showed up in the scenes!
 Rob Fetterman
Three seasons with the Worcester Shakespeare Company
Shannon Mercer
I haven’t had any wins as of yet, but the biggest win I believe for me is attending Steve’s Masterclass and building my technique.

Paul Taft

Recent wins –
Cast as lead – ‘Donald Trump’ in “Make America Great” a short¬†political satire¬†directed by Raouf Zaki and produced by RA Productions
Cast as lead – ‘Private Fitch’ in “For Queen and Country” a short drama set amidst the ‘Battle of Rorkes Drift’¬†between the 150¬†British Army Soldiers and 3-4000¬†¬†and¬†directed by Henry P Gravelle
 Paula Delatte
Code 13: UnReadable/Angelwood Pictures – Principal Role: Carole Williams
Stranger Perception/Shoot The Moon Films – Principal Role: Mrs. Mitchell

Also, I have auditioned for various commercial, industrial and print work, as well as the German Film productions throughout the summer and early Fall. I am represented by Model Club, Inc.

 Mary Higgins
I have been so blessed this year to be cast  in four different films. I returned to work with Adam Griswold where I played President Leah Smoot in Space People to do the sequel called Space people 2 which is even funnier. Space People 1 has been winning awards at many film festivals across the country. It was even in the Boston comic con Festival.  I also played a scientist in Readmission, a graduate student thesis film, at North Eastern U. and played Countess Clementine in Olympia’s Adventure with Mike Goodreau. I also continue to work with Jose Negron in Sophia’s Music Room, where I play Tanya. Working with Steve is giving me the confidence in my craft and reinforcing the tools I have in my actor’s work box. I also meet the greatest people in class!
 Tracy Claudio

My last bookings were as follows:
Audition- role of Teresa Viera in an independent full feature film- “Grace”- Sept 2016

Extra work in-
Central Intelligence-2015
Bleed for This-2014
American Gothic Series- 2015
Donovan Wolfington music video-2015
The Fighter- 2012

 Tom Kilgallen
I also am cast in A Christmas Carol with the Weston Friendly Society with shows in the end of November and beginning of December.
 Michelle Mortenson
Shooting a webseries
Has a commercial audition for YouTube
Shandy Monte
Booked 3 films in the month of November, and is excited to have been cast in a recurring role in a series (Name can’t be disclosed right now)