Masterclass Company

THE STEVE BLACKWOOD MASTERCLASSES has now spawned MASTERCLASS PRODUCTIONS — a group whose ultimate goal is to produce new plays and films (first film, Davis Susman’s SPICE now being submitted to Festivals) under our own umbrella with our own actors/directors and writers and invited guests. Original work will be workshopped in class and be a priority, but that does not preclude us to do published and or established plays if all the stars are aligned. In our class, we will continue to do 2 to 3 person scenes with the emphasis on personalizing the material AND we will also be doing acting exercises from Uta Hagen’s book RESPECT FOR ACTING (4th wall, 3 entrances, lost object et al) that I did in her class as well as exercises from the Milton Katselas/Jeff Tambor (my LA acting teachers) playbook (personal monologues encouraged) .  So —  we now have 30 actors (15 in each group) meeting twice a month — every 2nd and fourth Saturday from 11am-2pm either at the BELLEVILLE CHURCH in Newburyport MA.  ACTORS ARE SEPARATED INTO 2 GROUPS DEPENDING ON TALENT/COMMITMENT LEVEL.  MASTERCLASS 1(Intro/Public) usually meets every 2nd Saturday (12:30pm-3pm) and MASTERCLASS 2 will meet every 3rd Saturday (12:30pm-3pm). The days may change due to BELLEVILLE CHURCH schedule and/or holidays but we try to keep those Saturdays consistent.  ALL actors have to take MASTERCLASS 1 (Intro/Public) classes before they are asked (by me and if I think they are ready) to join MASTERCLASS 2 (Advanced) . If you are a member of MASTERCLASS 2, you are eligible to be in the Annual Showcase (last Showcase 8/13 7pm at AMES HALL in Salem MA) and audition and/or be cast in film projects through MASTERCLASS PRODUCTIONS. (Next up:  MEET THE AUTHOR, a screenplay I wrote with David Susman ) & I FEEL ( my original solo screenplay). Both of these films will feature actors from the classes and be directed by Chris Esper and myself.

  • We will continue to have filmmakers, directors and writers (as well as agents) as guests.
  • We will do a Scene Showcase every year.
  • We will continue to help each other find work (24 to 30 actors is a good network to start).


  • No alcohol or drugs.  If caught, you will not work in class that day and be subject to suspension.
  • Be on time — a sign of respect for both yourself and the class.
  • No crosstalk (i.e., commenting on the scene or my teaching) unless asked by me.
  • If you don’t put the work into scene assignments, I will know it and will decide whether the Master Class and the work ethic expected is the right class for you. Always suit up and show up.
  • Please pay on time — first of the month every month. The price is 75 dollars . If you can’t make one class (or both), you still have to pay to keep your place in the Company. Exceptions are paid work and health issues. Leave of absences only valid if you are working/moving out of town.

MCPLUS is discontinuing after 11/26. We will now do these exercises as part of Masterclass 2

Several of our students have garnered both paid work through our visiting filmmakers ( John Depew Marc Dole, Alfred Catalfo, Chris Esper, Curtis Reid, Seth Roberts ) and industry people I know across the country. Let’s continue to make a difference in Boston !

Thank You,