• I had fabulous teachers in New York, and was not sure I could find the same caliber of teacher in Massachusetts. Then I discovered Steve’s class. It has been exciting to experience his immense talent as a coach, genuine enthusiasm for teaching, and commitment to working towards professional goals. — Polly Pillsbury
  • Had another great class at The Model Club with Steve Blackwood last night. Boston area actors should take advantage of the accessibility of great acting coaches; and Steve is one of them. Take one of his cold read or monologue classes. You’ll be glad you did! — Michael Swanson
  • I feel so blessed to be a part of Steve Blackwood’s master class. He has a special gift of zeroing in on each persons greatest need. He has a way of helping each of us overcome our specific problem. Two of my biggest blocks were memorizing and doing cold read auditions. In a very short time, he had me overcoming these problems. I was amazed. It is clear that he truly cares deeply for each of his students; and on top of all that, he is is so much fun to work with. Thank you Steve! — Karen Ann Martino
  • Steve Blackwood is a most passionate acting teacher-he has a gift to draw from a student, their finest work. I’m so fortunate to have found Steve and know I have grown as an actor of which I’m thrilled! — Maria K Vitas
  • I have just started working with Steve. As a new actor, I found him very approachable and engaging. The sessions I have attended have been both fun and informative. I am so looking forward to working with him. — Mary Beth Paul
  • As an experienced actor, I’ve learned a great deal from working with Steve. He’s very insightful and has helped me to hone my skills and get rid of some bad habits. He’s a great teacher! — Cyndi Geller
  • Steve Blackwood is a passionate acting teacher, guiding his students to tell the story, simply and truthfully. He provides an environment that is creative and safe for the students, whether it is a cold read or a studied scene. He teaches you to be in the moment and connected with the scene. His instincts and instructions are always sharp and right on the money! — Jeanne Lohnes
  • Steve has a wonderful presence of the actor’s psyche, a keen understanding of the magic of presentation and successful interactive results, worthy of any aspiring acting professional. — Brian Sandy
  • I have studied under Stella Adler, Geraldine Page and John Barton. Steve Blackwood is blessed with very similar insight and depth of heart. I feel very fortunate to keep learning and growing with him. — Kathleen Henderson
  • I highly recommend Steve Blackwood Masterclasses, for students who
    want to learn the true craft of auditions and performance. Steve is a
    great coach he really commits to his students and gives tips and
    techniques that will help you understand and grow as an actor.  One of
    the things I truly like about Steve’s class is, his approach is
    honest, direct, and challenging.  He has helped me connect with each
    scene and character emotionally.  I’m very happy I joined the class,
    I’ve learned a lot in the last couple of months. Thank you Steve. — Yeimy Braddy
  • Steve Blackwood brings a refreshing positivity and passion to his acting classes. He provides you with constructive criticism that helps you grow as an actor, pushing you to stretch your vulnerability muscles within the scenes. He gives insightful feedback on what to improve upon, but also highlights your triumphs and “wins” within the scene work. I find Steve’s classes to be fun, exciting, and coming from a place of authenticity and love for the craft of acting. No matter what your level is, Steve makes you feel comfortable, while pushing you to be an honest and focused actor. I appreciate Steve’s sense of humor in class and his encouragement to live truthfully in the moment while acting. I highly recommend his courses to actors of all levels while they stretch their chops and have fun in the process!  — Molly Weinberg